Learning Analytics - Block 4, Activity 1

Wikipedia Definitions

The 2016 Wikipedia definition:

… the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which it occurs.

In 2010 the definition was:

… the use of intelligent data, learner-produced data, and analysis models to discover information and social connections, and to predict and advise on learning.

which to be honest I cannot see what hte major difference between the two are, unless the newer author has a problem with ‘intelligent data’ which I guess could be kind of vague.

My Definition

Learning analytics, essentially uses the power of the web page analytics to learn how to measure what students do, and potentially change the way that Web 2.0 learning artefacts – or I guess any online and distance learning programme and/or courses – are presented and/or delivered.

Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.  -Will Durant