Google Analytic Indices for Education - Block 4, Activity 7

Table Activity 7




Active users

Yes, if one wants to study input of the learners.

User Explorer

useful to drill down on an individual student, more of the tutor.

Demographics (Age, Gender)

possibly for analysis on which parts of a course offering appeals to a certain demographic?

Interests (Affinity Categories, In-Market Segments, Other Categories)

perhaps’ if the educator can see a way to spark interest in a particular group because she/he can see common outside interests?

Geo (Language, Location)

only if you were offering your programme as a commercial product across a nation/region

Behavior (New vs. Returning, Frequency & Recency, Engagement)

again possibly more for the site designer.

Technology (Browser & OS, Network)

Very useful in order to tailor to the majority of a platform preferred, for instance laptops over a tablet or mobile device.

Mobile (Devices)

same as above but with insights as to the mobile device used.

Users Flow

probably for the site designer to figure out how to make links more available?

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