Block 3 & TMA03

Well, Block 3 and the assignment associated with it has been and gone and nary an entry on the blog. 

In the end we had to construct an educational artefact which an original team of 4, became whittled down to two members, myself and Steve Alexander-Jones.

We set up three different sites, partly because Steve is located in China and finds it hard to access Google Docs, presumably because of some sort of Chinese ISP blockage on using Google Docs. However, the process of designing the artefact required us to jointly reflect on the contruction process which meant setting up a new blog where both Steve and I were authors. Although we posted this to the OU discussion board, we were not aware if anyone came to visit our site or blog other than our tutor.

We also used a content management system (, which is a commercial product and allows us to upload files and have an electronic cork board discussing our construction process. I did have the pleasure though of also Skyping Steve probably eight times during our Block 3, once with visual aid although since he lives in China and I live in Fiji, the internet was a bit spotty at times, so we saved bandwidth and did it mostly by audio instead.

The site can be found here which also has links to the blog site too. I’m not going to repeat what we did there, just go and visit it.

Good times!

Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.  -Will Durant