OER Digital Skills Course - Block 2 Activity 8

I have chosen a target market of mature learners who are keen to enter the digital world beyond email, but don’t quite know where to start. So I am assuming that these mature students, have easy access to devices and have easy access to the internet and know about how to drive their devices to be able to access the web.

However, if this is not possible at the moment then a quick start can be found here:

http://www.skillfulsenior.com, or http://www.seniorsguidetocomputers.com

There’s some great generic tips for mature internet users at Microsoft’s Accessibility site. 

If there was one site I would recommend, that seems to be easy to use and understand, it would be the Australian government’s ‘Internet Basics’ site as a good overview of the course.

Please go to the next page for the course which has workable links in it (apologies, I’m not smart or patient enough to make the table work on this page). Here’s a screen shot of the table but the links won’t work.

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