Climate Control in Education Systems

Love this talk that I looked at by (Sir) Ken Robinson. He talks about current education systems (in the US, but hey I believe a strong argument can be made for the same in Fiji and beyond in the Pacific) being dicated more by a ‘Command & Control’ mind set, ie everything is normally dicated by a head office (choose the Ministry of Education of your particular country). The point of his talk is that Ministries and school management bodies should be more about ‘Climate Control’. In this sense controlling the climate of the learning system so that things that enhance learning (eg creativity and local discretionary control) are managed by the relevant bodies aim towards that and the ‘real’ learning is what occurs between the teacher and the children/pupils/students doing the learning. 

Just in terms of presence, no slides, no notes, just him in the middle of the stage. Awesome. Check it out.

Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.  -Will Durant